Brenda Zulu

African Flames Brenda Zulu speaks with Wahu Kaara, Convener of Mobilisation, WSF

On the main challenges of hosting the WSF in Kenya

The irony of it is that many members of the Kenya Social Forum can not afford to pay the US$ 5 registration fee and these people are from homeless communities like Kibera. The other thing is that we were operating under the budget. I have been convener of mobilisation but was not able to raise the funds.

On the main issues that Kenyans would more

The launching of the Charter of Feminists Principles for African Feminists at the 3rd International Feminist Dialogue marks a major contribution by the African Feminist Forum (AFF) and the larger feminist movement to the on-going world social forum. The AFF took place last year in Ghana and this space was created as an autonomous space in which African feminists from all walks of life and at different levels including local levels and the academia, could reflect on a collective basis and more