Samir Amin


The project to which we wish to contribute is that of a creative utopia. If one were to give that future, that vision, a name, one could call it ‘value-based development,’ in other words development based on a body of moral, ethical and social values that integrate democracy, liberty and equality, solidarity, etc. To my mind, this is called ‘communism,’ as envisaged by Marx.


On 15 July 2013 Samir Amin was interviewed by Beifang, China. He expressed his views that the action of the army was not a coup d’etat as well as the tasks facing the popular movement in Egypt


Until now, China has resisted continuous pressure to put an end to manipulation of the Yuan. This resistance has allowed China to continuously record the strongest growth rates in the world. There is no reason whatsoever for flexible exchange to encourage foreign trade growth. So why does HSBC Bank insist on this?


Sixteen million Egyptians demonstrated against the government of President Morsi that led to his downfall. Western powers, Israel and the Gulf countries hate the perspective of a democratic, socially progressive, independent Egypt

‘The death of Chávez is a great tragedy that saddens the Venezuelan people and all those who are fighting around the world for the same cause as what inspired the Bolivarian revolution'


The eradication of reactionary political Islam from Mali is the unavoidable necessary condition for reconstruction of the country. But it is not sufficient. And as things stand, the current war will be long, costly and painful and its outcome remains uncertain.


Liberalism creates nothing, in the peripheries of the Global South that agree to submit to it, other than a crony capitalism based on a Comprador State in opposition to the National State committed to sustainable economic and social development.


The Gulf States, America and Israel are hell bent on frustrating the revolution in Egypt. That is what the results of the presidential election show.


These three Middle Eastern nations have not succeeded in their attempts at emergence due to meddling by imperialist powers and the lack of capacity to challenge them.


cc S SThe first round of the presidential elections was organized to produce the result that Washington and the Egyptian ruling power are pursuing, that is, to reinforce the alliance between the two pillars of the system, the high command of the Army and the Moslem Brotherhood.