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Power changed hands in Sierra Leone, but has not meant improvements in the quality of life of ordinary people in terms of access to the basics of life. The people must not relent in demanding services


In honor of International Women’s Day the achievements of some remarkable African women in politics, business and literature are celebrated in defiance of the stereotypical depictions of African women

Louis Bankole Jones, a medical doctor, points his homegrown radar toward a new vision and perspective in a collection of poems on Sierra Leone.

Patricia Jabbeh Wesley, professor of English and Creative Writing at Penn State University, prize-winning poet and vocal survivor of the Liberian civil war, speaks to Roland Bankole Marke about her work.

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Life for the mentally ill in Sierra Leone is ‘incredibly hard’, writes Roland Bankole Marke, and even for those incarcerated in the psychiatric hospital, there is little to look forward to. Who is to blame for the situation and what should be done to improve access to good clinical care?

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Recent tragedies of domestic violence from within the African community in the United States leave Roland Bankole Marke posing the question: ‘Are Africans losing out on their community-based cultural and spiritual values in pursuit of the American dream that is fast becoming a myth and nightmare rather than a reality for many?’ Marke raises fears that a separation from Africa has weakened the resonation of African culture in the lives of those who have chosen to live outside the continent. more

Roland Bankole Marke reviews 'Weh Dehn Say? Dehn Say Kapu Sehns Nor Kapu Word', a collection of Sierra Leonean literature which he regards as 'a priceless addition to any library'.

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With Sierra Leonean President Ernest Bai Koroma seeking to respond to the recent upsurge in armed robberies in the country's capital Freetown, Roland Bankole Marke discusses efforts at crime prevention in the country.

Roland Bankole Marke reviews 'The Candy Girl' by Marcella Camara-Macauley, a book he would recommend 'to every child around the world, and adults too'.

Roland Bankole Marke makes a very pertinent and relevant call in this week's Pambazuka News to support African media organizations, not only through reading their articles and moral contributions but by giving more financial support to them. This call does not only come amid a financial crisis that threatens much larger media cooperations but also in relation to the long term sustainability of all free African media organizations. As he points out information is power however, the running of more