Poetess of the People

He was my world
His armour shone
Glittering like diamonds in my eyes

He said I was his best friend
In my eyes, he was the world's strongest man
His words, always to be obeyed

I made excuses for his absences
Hid my disappointment
And tears in his broken promises
I would have died for him

His name was reverent on my lips
His friendship, I felt, was mine for keeps
He said we'd share all he had
His praise meant the w...read more

He’d never seen the inside of a police cell
Just finished primary school the year before
His family was poor, what we call dirt poor
All they had was their belief in family and God
This is Mungai’s story

The laughing stock of his friends in school
Was it a crime to live in the slum
Eking a living from his mother’s
Porridge, maize and beans kiosk
Poverty never had been a choice

He’d watched his age mates turn to crime
Always s...read more

One Woman's Story…

She lost herself to sacrifice
She thought after a while,
She'd find herself, mould the parts of her she'd lost
Bring back the dreams of her youth

She lost her secondary school education
For the sake of the boys
"The boys have nothing,
you can always get a husband, her parents said.
Her dream to be a doctor
Exchanged for an early marriage
'We need the bride price, they said.

Sacrificed sexuality by fa...read more