Samson Eyassu

I understand what Pambazuka is about - a platform, and outlet for those angry indignant people who have experienced an injustice and raised their pen to wage a war against it, with a pent-up feeling simmering inside them. It is there for them. I know what it really means because I was in search of such a platform myself for a few years and I tell you it has never been easy to find one. But it is not for those who have already spent their anger and indignation. I really appreciate your more

I have read Mandisi Majavu's essay with interest . I found it different and less engaging than the articles he wrote before. What I missed from his article this time being - his own voice. In this essay he has drowned it in a cacophony of quotes from secondary sources.

I expected the title to give a panoramic view of the essay and to be followed by an introductory paragraph which leads us into the hinterland of the essay. The title is not doing its job. I do not see it demarcating the more