Cenya Ceyendi

With journalists and protestors in Kenya facing brutal arrests as they challenge governmental efforts to curb media freedom, Cenya Ciyendi laments the repression of groups merely demonstrating for the right to freedom of expression. At a time when the world celebrates the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the author condemns the persistence of political self-service and the use of draconian, quasi-colonial measures to quash peaceful protest.

Cenya Ceyendi agues that for the sake of democracy itself, Kenyans should vote for Raila Odinga.

Whilst the political scenario in Kenya is as turbulent and exciting as one may ever wish it to be, the entry into the playing field of Kenyan politics between three leading contenders has been interesting to watch during this count-down to elections which will take place on the 27th December 2007. Although I was born outside Kenya, I maintain a keen interest in the developments there and am...read more