Ali A. Mazrui

Defining the black Atlantic as a political geography of race, Ali A. Mazrui considers the prospects for a future post-racial society. While outgrowing racism, the author argues, may prove a more immediately realisable goal, moving away from race consciousness represents a longer-term outcome. Through avoiding the excesses of nationalism and tribalism, national and tribal identities can prove a beneficial resource of mutual exchange and learning for diverse peoples within domestic, more

The Kenya presidential elections of December 2007 are potentially the most damaging episode to national unity since the assassination of Tom Mboya in July 1969. Both the murder of Tom Mboya and the management of the recent presidential elections are widely interpreted as an attempt to ethnically monopolise the presidency of the country. Both Mboya’s assassination and the latest elections are seen as historic blows to national stability and major setbacks to the process of democratization. more