Lucy Simiyu

Tom Maruko

Lucy Simiyu worries about where Kenya is headed as a nation, as she discovers that it is ‘not just the local mama by the roadside’ that is caught up in the ‘falsehoods and stereotypes’ that feed the enmity between the country’s ethnic groups, ‘but also highly educated professionals’ who should be ‘the voice of reason’. Critical of politicians who increase this polarisation between people for their own ends, Simiyu calls for Kenyans to take a stand against intolerance and recognise that ‘no more

I read your comments on the Kenyan elections with great interest. While acknowledging that the Kenyan electorate has indeed lost the elections (see I would like to point out that we should have seen the post-election violence coming. After all, ODM never lost an opportunity to state that the elections would be rigged - it was a psychological game that heightened people's fears and anxieties so much so that even if Kibaki had won with a landslide, they would still have cried foul. I do not more