Tapera Kapuya


‘We might not agree with other people’s sexual preferences. But where these preferences are confined to consenting adults, they really are of no business to any other person,’ argues Tapera Kapuya


It’s no wonder President Robert Mugabe is keen to use the Kariba Draft as the basis for Zimbabwe’s new constitution, writes Tapera Kapuya in this week’s Pambazuka News. Negotiated in secret in 2007 by a representative from each of the three ruling parties, the document would give him ‘unchecked and exclusive authority, placing him above all citizens and the law’. Pessimistic about the MDC’s ability to gather ‘enough strength and conviction to fight off the possible imposition’ of the draft, K...read more

Tapera Kapuya draws parallels between Kenya's post-elections crisis and the political struggles in Zimbabwe, and stresses the need for sound democratic structures

Since its December 27th General Election, Kenya has been experiencing a wave of political conflicts that should serve as a lesson to Zimbabwe’s pro-democracy movement, as these problems are rooted in the same democratic deficit. Much of the media coverage on Kenya seems to have been consumed by a focus on the ensuing violenc...read more