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This programme looks at the significance of the recent Rwandan elections which made history as women gained a majority in parliament - what do ordinary Rwandan women think of and expect from this success and what inspiration or message for the rest of Africa.

The final interview of the Black History Month series is with Horace Campbell, professor of African American studies at Syracuse University, and author of Rasta and Resistance, from Marcus Garvey to Walter Rodney, and Reclaiming Zimbabwe: The Exhaustion of the Patriarchal Model of Liberation.

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Black History Month is also celebrated each October in the United Kingdom, which has had a substantial black population since the 16th century. In this interview Contact FM talks to Dan Lyndon, history teacher and member of the British and Asian Studies Association.

The history of African American science is still today an area not widely known about. Contact FM take a brief plunge into this history talking with writer Patricia Sluby, author of The Inventive Spirit of African Americans: Patented Ingenuity.

In this episode Contact FM leave Chicago and go down South, where they talk with , singer, songwriter and activist, who tells them what it is like living in New Orleans after the massive 2005 flooding.

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Taking a closer look at the origins of Black History Month, Contact FM talks to , film-maker and web designer based in Chicago, about the relevance of Black History Month and his predictions for the future.

This episode was produced by the 25th of January and the 2nd of Feb 2008, the town of Butare, Rwanda, hosted its first International Arts Festival organized by the University Centre for Arts. Entitled ‘Arts Azimuts’, this festival focused on theatre, music and dance, bringing together artists from Rwanda, Western Africa, Belgium more