Article 19

The continued banning of certain films in Kenya without making known detailed reasons for such censorship is a big blow to artistic expression and a clear violation of artistic freedom guaranteed by the constitution of Kenya, Article 19 says.

The sweep of arrests followed a protest by journalists after Somaliland police raided the offices of a private TV station on 14 January and forced all the workers to leave and suspended the station.

It’s been more than two weeks since Zimbabweans went to the polls to elect a legislature and President. But instead of the outcome of the elections, Zimbabwe’s ruling ZANU-PF party led by President Robert Mugabe has delivered harsh crackdowns and stonewalling to the electorate.

Defeat can be hard to accept, “but at the very least, the people of Zimbabwe have the right to know the result of their vote,” says the Executive Director of ARTICLE19, Dr. Agnes Callamard. The government of more