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Threats of military intervention in Cote D’Ivoire by international parties following Laurent Gbagbo's refusal to step down from the presidency are ‘pushing the country on a treacherous path to a precipice of war’, argues Mawuli Dake.

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With Ghana on the verge of an oil 'boom' in 2010, Mawuli Dake considers the steps and measures needed to ensure the country derives full and equitable benefit from the resource. While Ghana's mining industry has historically been characterised by a lack of transparency and the dominance of foreign multinational interests, Dake stresses that the burgeoning oil industry must not be allowed to go the same way.

cc Many lessons can be drawn from the historic 2008 elections in Ghana, writes Mawuli Dake. Different campaign strategies yielded diverse results, and voters are now looking more at politicians’ character and conduct when choosing their preferences rather than mere appearances or the provision of gifts, Dake maintains. Ghana went through three contentious rounds more

Thanks Mary Ndlovu for such a . I would like to add a third false assumption to the two you have stated- the delusion that Tsvangirai’s election will be “finishing the task of liberation” of Zimbabweans.

Truly finishing the task of liberation will be liberating Zimbabwe from the illegitimate Mugabe regime, from the obnoxious interventions (and sanctions) of the West, and from those who operate as agents of western imperialism. It will be when Zimbabweans are finally able to form an more

While the authors’ is spot-on with regards Mugabe, I think it falls short on the danger posed by the current opposition and the hypocrisy of the West. I personally don’t believe that an African leader should be condemned, punished or abandoned for standing up to the West. It is a quality Africa desperately needs in its leaders.

However, I think there are many other legitimate reasons why Mugabe SHOULD and MUST go. I have insisted that as Pan-Africanists and progressives, our more Mawuli Dake looks at the ways in which women are being locked out of the democratic processes in Ghana and argues that societies "cannot claim to be committed to the principles and ideals of democracy and the universal values of equality" if groups within are marginalized.

This year, over ten million more