Tee Ngugi


Tee Ngugi shares with Pambazuka News why he believes the Malawi Supreme Court has made the right decision in allowing Madonna to proceed with her adoption of orphan Mercy Chifundo, despite vehement opposition from the continent’s beard-stroking 'cultural nationalists'.

In response to : In 1999, I wrote an article published in The Namibian newspaper calling the Mugabe regime in Zimbabwe another chapter in Africa's narrative of dictatorship and murder. The others being the regimes of Nkrumah, Kenyatta, Kaunda, etc.

Leftist ideologues reacted with predictable horror. The problem why dictators like Mugabe will continue to thrive in Africa is because we make excuses for them. They are nationalists, socialists, or Africanists, etc. This kind of argumentat...read more