Regarding : If you check the African-American press you will see widespread concern about Obama's lack of interest in the Black American community! He has been hand-picked by the American elite and has no interest whatsoever in Panaficanism as it is generally understood. He is no more a friend of Africa than Morgan Tsvangirai or the late Jonas Savimbi of Angola. the ethnicity or sex or age of the next American president will not be the deciding factors in the policies of imperial America. Oba...read more

On Walter Turner's . Unfortunately the transition from rebellion and revolution to good governance is extremely difficult for any people. The Chinese nation has accomplished much in the last one hundred years but still many have been left behind. In South Africa majority rule has not resulted in all that was hoped for.

Hopefully the neoliberal economic model will soon be abandoned and the people at the bottom will reap more benefits of the struggle. Otherwise their leadership will tur...read more