Lemlem Tsegaw

NRC/Tuva Raanes Bogsnes

Millions of Ethiopians are facing famine again, which is attributed to drought but in reality has its roots in the country’s failed governance. In this poem, an Ethiopian in the diaspora turns his mind to the situation of women and children in the current crisis.

I am here
I am here
The Oak tree

A poem dedicated to Ethiopia’s 2010 parliament members.

Your eyes,
Your faces,

O Lord!
What happened
To the Somali Land?
No wonder…

On 2002 February,
God did sojourn
To deliver Savamibi…

The Liberator at Markato
what is his motto?
The Liberator,
who wore camouflage
in lieu of Dr.'s gown
has put a red hat on.

That Liberator
rules at night
as Leninist.
The godless,
boorish but clever,
works day and night
sitting at the Addis Palace.
Effervescent and unflagging
he is finishing
the task
assigned by Isayas.
That Liberator,
who fought without
understanding liberty;
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The Sudan

That unknown village
Repugnant stage
A child killed
A mother raped
A father tortured
The whole world
Yet did nothing
Through silence
We all are accomplices

Even though I do not advocate for anarchy and individuals taking the law in their hands, the statement in, is well said: "Feminists are not calling for the castration or emasculation of men. Our position is a lot simpler than that. If men decide to use certain parts of their anatomy as weapons of mass destruction to wage wars on the bodies of women and girls, they will be disarmed and demobilised." I pray to God for His help and forgiveness of the evil doers, help them to return from their e...read more