Sophie Ngugi

I agree with the author, we know the and we know that women can make a difference. We have know this for a long time, but somehow our organising has not been succesful. We can not wait to say the same in 2013, we need to fill the gap that has made women not access these positions, we need a woman president come 2012, but more so we need women who are leaders of integrity as being a 'woman' is not enough platform. There are many many qualified women, what we need is a strategy that is more

Women cant wait anymore for justice that is too delayed. I salute that woman in, who took the law into her hands in the best way she knew how. She did not need to contemplate over this,it was a crime, committed against her daughter and nothing, nothing even the cutting of the pennis will bring back what was taken away from her daughter, but this will ensure the perpetrator will not do this to any other girl. Aluta continua!