Rafiq Hajat

He changed our flag,
With cavalier insouciance,
He stood proudly to brag
While we gaped in stunned trance,
Like a rampant stag,
It was the height of arrogance,

He changes our laws with seeming impunity;
He twists them to suit his ends,
He changes the equation with intractability,
While his puppets amend;
We regress inexorably;
While sycophants defend;

He calls us stupid and drunk,
He's on a power trip,
He’s ...read more

I've read Walden Bello's article, with keen interest and, whilst I concur with the gist, I am compelled to point out some factual inaccuracies and oversights on Malawi.

1) The amount of deaths from starvation in 2001-02 is approximated at 42,000 people and not i,500 as stated.

2) The maize shortage was indeed exacerabted by maize exports (approx 65000 tonnes) to Kenya nad other countries, at the behest of the IFIs, but it was further exacerbated by unscrupulous and corrupt sp...read more