Pambazuka News 399: African liberation movements and the end of history

The International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) has endorsed the McKinney/Clemente ticket in the U.S. presidential race. The endorsement was based on the support that Green Party V.P. candidate Rosa Clemente’s expressed for InPDUM’s “Revolutionary National Democratic Program, during her participation in InPDUM’s 17th Annual Convention, held September 27 – 28, 2008 in St. Petersburg, Florida.

For the seventh consecutive year, Dignity is proud to invite applications to the Annual Global Linking and Learning Programme. The Programme will take selected participants on a ten day intensive – enjoyable - learning journey that will equip them with knowledge of the key elements of human rights based development, and enhance skills for its practical application. Participants will see the unity between human rights and development and become more committed to the work ahead to achieve the more

Under the supervision of the Programme Manager for the Learning and Training Services (LTS), the Learning and Training Officer develops and implements learning and training activities that contribute to more effective staff learning and training in the UN System. The Learning and Training Officer works in an inter-agency organizational environment to identify good practice as well as learning needs, and acts as a catalyst to address needs and disseminate good practice. In doing so the more

As a rickety garbage truck rattled to a halt and discharged its contents, Francis Adigwe, an unemployed textile engineer turned scavenger, rushed over and emerged with his find of the day, a piece of metal he estimated will bring in more than $2. Adigwe is haunted by two concerns, the toll that the job he has done since he was laid off five years ago is taking on his health and his ever-dwindling chances of finding a wife.

A chronic lack of healthcare workers in Malawi has crippled the health system, but a different way of doing things has alleviated the shortages, bringing new players to the field. Many Malawian doctors and nurses head to wealthier countries in search of greener pastures, so the government has been forced to come up with a plan driven by an idea known as "task shifting".