La Via Campesina


Although a moratorium on ‘Terminator’ technology was reaffirmed by the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity four years ago, proposals to develop and commercialise ‘genetic-use restriction technologies’ are ‘back on the agenda for policymakers and the biotechnology industry’, writes Via Campesina. Ending the moratorium on ‘Terminator’ crops, modified to produce sterile seeds, poses threats to both food sovereignty and agrobiodiversity, Via Campesina warns.

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reports back on the amendment of a resolution on farmers' rights at an FAO treaty meeting on the use of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture held in Tunisia.

The entire world is in crisis, a crisis with multiple dimensions. There is a food crisis, an energy crisis, a climate crisis and a financial crisis. The solutions put forth by Power – more free trade, more GMOs, etc. – purposefully ignore the fact that the crisis is a product of the capitalist system and of neoliberalism, and they will only worsen its impacts. To find real solutions, in this open letter argues we need to look toward Food Sovereignty.