Stephen Marks and Sanusha Naidu

African leaders put their case as finance ministers from the world’s 20 richest countries met in London, ahead of next month’s G20 summit on the global economic downturn. British premier Gordon Brown took the opportunity to promote himself as Africa’s friend within the G20. But in a first-ever joint communique on the eve of the meeting, Brazil China Russia and India called for reform of the global financial institutions to give a greater voice to emerging economies and provide better more

As a leading UN economist argued that China could lead the world out of slump, all the signs last week were that Chinese investment in Africa was continuing unabated. So was concern by campaigners at the possible environmental and social impact of some Chinese deals and debate over the impact of Chinese traders and migrants. But there were also signs of continuing efforts by larger Chinese corporations to attend to their image. Meanwhile, the annual meeting of China’s parliament provided an more

As the dust settled on President Hu Jintao’s four nation African visit, a sense of relative normality returned to the Africa-China debate. A few residual commentaries and debates continue to make media headlines and blog sites around the interpretation of President Hu’s Africa visit and . But attention has now shifted to a more a significant diplomatic visit, namely Hilary Clinton’s first official engagement and visit to Asia as US Secretary of State.

As discussed in earlier editions more

President Hu Jintao’s Friendship and Cooperation visit to Africa ended on a high note. With more than US$380 million loans and grant agreements signed during the whistle-stop visit to Mali, Senegal, Tanzania and Mauritius, President Hu put to rest any speculation or confusion regarding Beijing’s long-term strategy in Africa and reaffirmed its economic assistance during times of financial uncertainty and crisis. But the real significance of this visit was the keynote speech President Hu more

Stephen Marks and Sanusha Naidui look at China’s response and the impact on Africa. It’s early days so far in the Obama Presidency but there continue to be worrying indications of US-China friction on trade. If co-operation did break down it would be bad news for Africa. But there are encouraging signs that a lot of the noise may be posturing. There are also good reasons to believe that China’s African commitment will not suffer, and may even be stepped up as a result of the global crisis. more

Stephen Marks and Sanusha Naidu look at the the global effects of the recently announced $586bn programme of investment in infrastructure and social welfare amounting to seven percent of GDP in each of the next two years.