Japhet M. Zwana


The confidence exuding from Zimbabweans that, this time things will be different, is evident in the opposition leadership and its rank. 


Trump’s myopic motto, ‘America First’, is complemented by an unspoken one, ‘Africa Never.’ His refusal to take notice of Africa will be deleterious to US-Africa relations. Luckily, one of the unintended benefits of Trump’s dissing of Africa is the realization of people of African origin worldwide that they need to pursue a common agenda.


The White world has justifiably exhibited intense righteous indignation at the depraved slaying of the 13-year-old lion known as Cecil, whose name conjures up the racist namesake who became the arch-colonialist of Zimbabwe. But why is there no similar international furore over the likely politically enforced disappearance of prominent activist and journalist Itai Dzamara?

Why are African political leaders so drenched in opulence while their people are so poor? There are gluttonous heads of state in Africa who fail to emulate the example of the life of Nelson Mandela who was not inspired by greed and materialist accumulation

The rigging mechanism was set up long before the day of election. MDC was strategically advertised as a conspirator in league with the ‘enemy’

Sokwanele – Zimbabwe

As the two-year lifespan of Zimbabwe’s coalition government draws close to an end, Japhet M. Zwana finds little cause for optimism about the country’s future.

In reply to : Barack Obama is the son of an african Kenyan. During his pursuit for the WH fleece, he made a great deal about his mother and grand mother who are White and very little about his father. What is it about Africa that he would be thankful for so as to go out on a limb to show special favor?

Methinks Obama will be limited by his scanty knowlegde about the continent and preoccupation with the erstwhile wars facing his administration. I doubt that he has made a call to any Af...read more