Abayomi Azikiwe

The increased expansion of Empire in Africa now requires a re-examination of the theories of Pan-Africanism and Socialism as advanced by Kwame Nkrumah and other anti-imperialist leaders of the 1950s-1980s. Africa cries out for unity now more than any other period of the post-independence era.

The book examines how repeated failed counter-terrorism operations throughout Africa, the Middle East and Asia have led to broader interventions and the promotion of the military and intelligence theorists who concoct these operations.

Even though there have been monumental changes within the political and economic system within the U.S. and the world since the slave period, fundamentally the U.S. is still a class dominated society with the corporations and banks controlling all social institutions.

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The EU along with NATO and led by the US are responsible for the current chaos in Libya. This pattern of sanctions, massive bombings, ground interventions through direct occupation or proxy forces have failed throughout the entire region of North Africa and the Middle East.

The courts in Burkina Faso have paved the way for a proper identification of the remains of the martyred revolutionary leader who was buried in 1987 without an official ceremony or an explanation of the circumstances of his death. His widow Mariam is demanding a broader inquiry into the assassination of the much-adored revolutionary.

Following increased ISIS violence in Libya, the Egyptian President Abdel Fatah Al Sisi, a US ally, has called for intervention by the "international community". But another aggressive Pentagon-NATO operation in Libya would be just as disastrous as the war of regime-change in 2011.

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50 years have passed since the shooting of Malcolm X, yet the institutionalized racism he fought against, as well as its resulting violence, poverty and inequality, still blight many African American communities in the US. It is time to revisit Malcolm X’s life, death, and legacy to find a way out.


Lorraine’s work has made a significant contribution to the artistic and political expression of the African American people in their struggle against national oppression and economic exploitation. Her writings and social activism will inevitably be studied by generations to come.

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There is little to show for America’s pledged help in Nigeria’s war on Boko Haram. In this piece Abayomi Azikiwe examines how the West still wields economic and political influence over Nigerian policy and discusses some recent cases of South-South cooperation that could help Nigeria and other African states.

The political superstructure of the U.S. is dominated by right-wing ideology that completely ignores the growing demands for decent wages, adequate housing, quality education, an end to law-enforcement abuses and the cessation of military hostilities abroad. African American masses who are most affected by these injustices need new alliances to fight this system.