Abayomi Azikiwe

Civil Rights leader Rev Edward Pinkney has been sentenced to 30 – 120 months in prison for forging a successful recall petition against Mayor James Hightower. He maintains his innocence in the face of a conviction based on flimsy evidence. The conviction – delivered within a context of heightened anti-racist and anti-capitalist struggle in the US – is seen by many as politically motivated.


Washington has engineered attacks on other nations around the world accusing them of human rights violations. Yet the administration has initiated no concrete programs to improve the plight of African Americans, particularly young black men. Every 28 hours, an unarmed black citizen is killed.


Despite the existence of 54 independent states in Africa, today the principal struggle is against a new and more insidious form of exploitation and oppression, neo-colonialism. Africa must move towards socialist development in order to ensure its future.


Although the events in Burkina Faso have sparked hope among African workers, farmers and youth throughout the region and beyond, it remains to be seen whether the new leader, with his American links, will deliver a political program of anti-capitalist development for the gains of the popular struggle to win concrete results


The popular uprising that toppled the Compaore regime last week echoed the revolution by Sankara on August 4, 1983. In the 27 years since Sankara’s assassination, the country’s mineral wealth and other resources have benefited only a small elite and transnational corporations based in the imperialist states of the West.

Libya is still in turmoil. The present situation is the direct result of the war of regime-change led by the CIA, the Pentagon and NATO during 2011. U.S. policy is designed to overthrow all of the sovereign and anti-imperialist governments throughout Africa and the Middle East.

Much more needs to be done to prevent the spread of the virus and to effectively treat the thousands who have already been infected. Support services will also be needed for the affected families where many children will be left as orphans.


Whereas America has sent soldiers to fight Ebola, Cuba has pledged medical personnel. This gesture of revolutionary foreign policy provides an example of how underdeveloped states which have a legacy of slavery, colonialism and neo-colonialism, can transform through a process of class struggle and self-reliance.

Some 2.9 people are threatened with starvation, but this alarming situation has not received any significant attention. Global focus is on the US-led war against al Shabaab militants and the quiet oil exploration by Western firms

With Africa firmly integrated into the international financial order, there is almost no potential within the existing political arrangements for substantial advancements in the socio-economic status of workers, farmers and youth.