Abayomi Azikiwe


As the African National Congress celebrates 20 years in power this year, many people may not know that the anti-apartheid liberation organization had close links with the African American civil rights movement. ANC should continue to support liberation struggles around the world


There are many lessons to be learned from the events of 1964 in the Southern states of America when many activists campaigned for political rights for black people. Among them was the valliant Fannie Lou Hamer. Many of those rights are being eroded today in America

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Nelson Mandela's passing has drawn responses from throughout the US and the world. To oppressed and working people Mandela was a symbol and example of self-sacrifice and lifelong commitment to revolutionary change.

The recent abduction of two American citizens near the Gulf of Guinea provides ideological cover for Washington to increase its military operations in Africa. Meanwhile, American looting of oil, natural gas and other strategic resources in the region also continues


Africa trade unions, led by the Nigerian Labor Congress demanded in solidarity with the Saharawi people that Morocco, a close ally of the United States and France, withdraw its military and security forces from the Western Sahara and hold a referendum on the future of the territory


If there is another breakdown in trust between the ruling Ennahda party, its allies and the secularists, and if the Islamists insist on completing the proposed new constitution prior to the creation of a new government, escalating tensions could prompt more mass demonstrations, general strikes and civil unrest

The injustice of the Angola 3 is not an isolated situation. There are many political prisoners being held in prisons inside the U.S, despite repeated government denials


The latest terror attack in Kenya and other significant events throughout Eastern Africa must be viewed within the context of U S economic and strategic interests in partnership with its NATO allies and Israel. New findings of oil and natural gas are a source of imperialist interest in the region


Fifty years after the March on Washington, President Barack Obama is in the White House yet African Americans remain in poverty and suffer unemployment rates twice the size of that of the white population

57 years ago women took to the streets challenging national and gender oppression. Today, South Africa requires a transformation of capitalist property relations which inherently oppress, exploit and abuse women. At the same time more women must be brought into the revolutionary movement as organizers and leaders