Antoine Roger Lokongo


Conspiracy theories that Ebola – and HIV – are bio-weapons created by the West to depopulate Africa refuse to die away. Leaks from within Western establishments and the behaviour of these capitlist powers fuel the theories. They are difficult to ignore.

The international response - more so from the US - to the Ebola crisis in West Africa has little to do with aiding Africa, but rather ensuring control over its resource wealth. Where will the cooperation or competition between US and China leave Africans?

Western powers have been devastating Africa’s land, resources and populations for centuries. Africans must now throw off that legacy by first understanding it and then making the best use of their continent’s assets without the detrimental western intervention.

A new BBC documentary has sparked international debate about the facts of the Rwandan genocide. This week legislators in Kigali voted to ban the BBC in Rwanda, outraged by the documentary, which deconstructs the official narrative. But the documentary actually tells the truth the Kagame regime suppresses.

Ugandan troops are part of the African Union peacekeeping force that was recently accused of sexual violence against women in Somalia. The silence from the international community is shocking - but not surprising. One only needs to look at the activities of presidents Museveni and Kagame in DR Congo and inside their own countries to understand


Western re-colonisation of Africa is decidedly underway: that was the point of the US-Africa Leaders Summit. The American pledges for new investment in Africa pale into insignificance compared with the wealth the US loots from Africa and the accompanying destabilization through increased military intervention.

After decades of violent conflict, dictatorship, a weak state and massive foreign interference, one could give up on DR Congo. But the country is on course to restoration. It will indeed become the centre of the sun’s radiance for Africa


Africa’s key strengths lie in its young population, women with potential, its big reserves of natural and mineral resources, especially huge reserves of water, vast arable land, hydropower potential and forests

Antoine Roger Lokongo celebrates 50 years of China-Africa cooperation, examines dissimilarities to African cooperation with the West and claims, rather controversially, that China is the best ally in Africa’s development


Despite powerful backing from the West and strong media influence, there have emerged some important facts which call into question the widely-accepted narrative of what really happened in Rwanda in 1994 and the identities of those responsible