Antoine Roger Lokongo


Africa was seen by Leopold II as a ‘magnificent African cake’ and still is considered as such by new foreign interests. Between the Chinese and the Japanese it seems the Japanese, like the West, seeks to ‘contain’ China’s influence in Africa. The Chinese aspire to a win-win-South-South cooperation and the restoration of Asia and Africa’s dignity


The violent political conflict in the CAR continues to claim innocent lives, cause massive displacement and destruction of property. The efforts being made to end the carnage and restore the country will not achieve much without taking into account the role of France in destabilising CAR


The recent defeat of the M23 rebels by government forces in eastern DR Congo inspires hope that lasting peace can now be achieved in the region – although there are other rebel groups active there. Still, the expansionist ambitions of Rwanda and Uganda remain a big challenge to DRC


The Congolese army has been flexing its muscles in killing hundreds of Rwandan and Ugandan soldiers in eastern Congo. Demonstrations by the Congolese masses have taken place as well as a new cooperation agreement among some countries in the Great Lakes region


Except in South Africa where some protesters opposed his visit, President Obama’s tour of Africa was received with much excitement around the continent. But burning questions about America’s dealings with Africa should be asked


The current US-Taliban talks now remove any pretexts Kagame and Museveni might have not to talk to the FDLR and to the LRA, respectively. Tanzanian President, Jakaya Kikwete’s proposal for talks involving all parties in the Great Lakes region to find a permanent political solution to the problems of the region must be urgently heeded

PO Bag

An analysis of the factors that produced the recent coup d’etat in the Central African Republic reveals the interests of France, the US and neo-colonial African forces

The agreement signed in Addis Ababa last month enjoining states in the region in the search for lasting peace in DRC is a welcome move. But there are powerful external players who want the instability to continue.


Rwanda’s criminal involvement in the wanton violence in eastern DR Congo is neither deniable nor defensible. It is a sad irony that Rwanda now sits in the UN Security Council while aiding and abetting crimes against humanity


During the short life of Patrice Lumumba, before he was savagely assassinated, he committed himself to several important ideas and principles that a new generation of Africans must re-visit