Kenya Human Rights Commission

cc The Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC) has urged the ACHPR to adopt a resolution to address the Kenyan government on its obligations to protect and promote the rights of all people and its duty to hold violators to account through criminal prosecution. The criminalisation of peaceful demonstrations and the rise in extra-judicial killings more

The is calling for people to


The Kenya Land and Freedom Army (Mau Mau) claim relates to torture and the cruel and degrading treatment of detainees perpetrated by the Kenyan colonial government during the state of emergency (1952–60). It is a tortious claim based on negligence and will be instituted in the British High Court. The claimants are seeking more

cc The Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC), in partnership with Royal Media Services, has embarked on a seven-week media blitz consisting of television, radio and print publicity beginning 24 February 2008.

The campaign is built on the platform of the programme Trilogy: Black Man’s Land: Images of Colonization and Independence more