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Either by omission or by commission, the US media actively misinforms the public on crucial issues that matter. The reason they do this is because they legally can.

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‘The attack on Libya was an attack on Africa! It was an attack on my aspirations as a person of African descent to have a free and independent Africa. That's what was attacked!’

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There are fears that the US is in the process of sending thousands of troops to Libya, but there is a way that you can vote for peace.


On the ground in Tripoli and western Libya, Cynthia McKinney reports that the current NATO-led war looks nothing like the mainstream media would have us believe: ‘The situation on the ground in Tripoli … could not more different from what is being portrayed by Western news networks and newspapers.’


‘[I]t is transparently clear now that NATO has exceeded its mandate, lied about its intentions, is guilty of extra-judicial killings--all in the name of “humanitarian intervention”’, writes Cynthia McKinney from Tripoli.

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What is happening in Haiti is, Cynthia McKinney observes, 'shades of Hurricane Katrina all over again’. McKinney depicts, step by step, the US response to Haiti’s crisis and lays bare its unashamedly military nature. McKinney explores the reasons for the US’s militarised rescue operation. She believes it is not only a consequence of US material and oil interests in Haiti, but also the ideological threat that Haiti poses to the Western world: 'Haiti is a light.' In defeating its colonisers, more

cc Cynthia McKinney, human rights advocate and former US congresswoman was arrested and forcibly abducted to Israel, while attempting to take humanitarian and reconstruction supplies to Gaza on 30 June. Speaking from the jail in which she and other activists were detained until July 5, McKinney said she wants 'the people of the world to see how we have been treated just more

cc Cynthia McKinney, the 2008 Green Party US presidential nominee, calls for a ‘good dose of reality’ when evaluating the Obama administration’s first weeks in office. Lamenting the administration’s willingness to pull out of the ‘Durban II’ UN World Conference Against Racism in Geneva in April over concerns of potential anti-Semitism, McKinney argues that the more