Prespone Matawira

The lives of Zimbabwean women have deteriorated dramatically over the past decade, writes activist Prespone Matawira, but now is the time to be creative and confront, unpick, challenge patriarchal and capitalist power in order to make lasting change real for women. Feminist consciousness, says Matawira, challenges many of our deep-held assumptions which are not often noticed because they are so pervasive. And its complexity helps us understand other related oppressions based on race, class, more

Zimbabwean activist Prespone Matawira has devised a board game representing the game Zimbabwean women play every day, that of health, life and death.

Prespone Matawira talks about the challenges facing David Coltart, Zimbabwe’s new minister of education, sports, arts and culture, as he devises a strategy to re-build the education system in an economy where many parents can no longer afford to pay the fees required to cover the cost of schooling, the government’s coffers are bare and the country is estimated to to have less than half the number of teachers it needs.

cc Dudu Manhenga is more than just a diva, Prespone Matawira discovers, in conversation with the powerful-voiced Afro-jazz singer following her performance with backing band Color Blu at Harare’s REPS Theatre. Manhenga is a major contributor to the Female Literary Arts Music Enterprise (FLAME), for the development and promotion of women artists. 'The music industry is more

In the wake of a cross-party meeting of women ministers in Harare last week, Prespone Matawira discusses the continual absence of provisions to ensure equal numbers of women and men in positions of public and private authority, despite the Southern African Development Community’s (SADC) Protocol on Gender and Development and targets for 2015. While highlighting the political efforts of women MPs in general to struggle for women in Zimbabwe, Matawira contends that there are no ‘women’s issues’ more

Prespone Matawira writes from Harare about an International Women’s Day spent queuing for water, in a city where communities are banding together to share access to a scarce commodity.

With the Zimbabwean economy’s dollarisation process fuelling persistent inflation in the country, Prespone Matawira discusses the ‘collective hypnosis’ and the mirage of opportunity surrounding the use of the US currency.

Following the death of Susan Tsvangirai last Friday 6 March, Prespone Matawira rounds up events behind the crash of the Tsvangirais’ vehicle and considers the emotional and political consequences for Zimbabwe's prime minister of losing the support of his wife.