Colleen Lowe Morna


On the eve of the global 16 days of activism against gender-based violence, Colleen Lowe Morna is in Lusaka, Zambia, where she reflects on the numbers of victims. But she also hears about moving real-life stories, inspiring initiatives and some humour.

cc E C KColleen Lowe Morna states that Zuma’s behaviour is a reminder that ‘there is still a long walk to freedom for South African women’. She argues that Zuma’s polygamy and promiscuity go against strides towards gender equality and asks: ‘How … are we to square polygamy, promiscuity and the progressive values of the ANC that Mandela gave his life for and that Zuma more

What do you think of when you see a butterfly? Beautiful colours! Freedom after the struggle to break out of a cocoon! The sky is the limit! Reaching up; reaching out! These were just a few of the answers given by survivors of gender violence who over the last five years have come out to tell their stories. Gathered together at a workshop convened by Gender Links (GL) ahead of the Sixteen Days of Activism on Gender Violence from 25 November (International Day of No Violence Against Women) more

World Press Freedom Day on 3 May comes just a few days after the dust has settled on the 22 April South African elections. While some have bemoaned the lack of depth in media coverage, the elections and media coverage have - by and large - been certified as free and fair. But how true is that when viewed through a gender lens? We start from the premise that freedom of expression means that all views and voices are heard.