Ajamu Baraka


President Obama sang “Amazing Grace” and lulled into a stupefying silence black voices that should have demanded answers as to why the Charleston attack was not considered a terrorist attack, even though it fits the definition. Because of this depraved indifference to black life by the U.S. government, African Americans critically need international solidarity.


African Americans are slowly coming to the conclusion that it does not matter whether it is the streets of Baghdad or Ferguson: the non-white-other is the enemy who must be stopped.

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Race and oppressive violence have always been at the center of the US racist colonial project. It is only when the oppressed resist that they are counseled to be nonviolent like Martin Luther King – by murderous warmongers like Barack Obama.


“Je Suis Charlie” has become a sound bite to justify the erasure of non-Europeans, and for ignoring the sentiments, values and views of the racialized “other.” In short, Je Suis Charlie has become an arrogant rallying cry for white supremacy that was echoed at the white power march on Sunday in Paris and in the popularity of the new issue of Charlie Hebdo.

The black lives taken by the murderous assault on Panama 25 years ago should be a sober reminder that U.S. state violence is not confined to ghettos and barrios of the U.S., but is a central component of a racist, colonial, capitalist project.


The American State’s response to the mass discontent in the aftermath of the non-indictment of murderer of Michael Brown demonstrates the heavy-handed use of violence to deny the people the human rights to peacefully assemble and freedom of association. This is consistent with the historical uses of violence to control and suppress opposition.

A negotiated, relatively “peaceful” resolution of the conflict is impossible. People who believe that Israel would grant sovereignty and respect the human rights of Palestinians within the context of either a one or two state solution are either naive regarding the nature of Israel’s settler project or are fundamentally dishonest.

The white supremacist, colonial/capitalist, patriarchal ruling classes of the U.S. and Europe are clear, even if we are not, that war and repression will be used with brutal efficiency to maintain their hegemony.

An unacceptable ethical double-standard is evident, where the violent actions of the Israeli state are framed as legitimate, reasonable and deserving of support, and all acts of resistance on the part of the captured and oppressed Palestinians are seen as criminal, immoral and terroristic


The inverted reality presented by the US corporate media of the 1.7 million captive and largely defenceless Palestinians in Gaza as vicious aggressors against the peace-loving settlers of Israel fails to recognise the nature of the relationship between Israel and Palestine. What we are witnessing is the systematic eradication of a colonised people – an international crime