Ajamu Baraka


With the collusion of some radicals and liberals, the term ‘revolution’ in the context of Egypt has been de-radicalised. There has been no revolutionary process in Egypt, in the sense of a transfer of power away from the class forces that dominated Egyptian society


Humanitarian intervention provides the U.S. the perfect ideological cover and internal rationalization to continue as the global ‘gendarme’ of the capitalist order. America should leave the rest of the world alone

The American immigrant rights movement has failed because it allowed itself to be influenced by the paternalism and conservative politics of the liberal non-profit industrial complex and the interests of the Democratic Party


Massive human rights violations are taking place in the US and contradict American efforts to project itself as a champion of human rights, even as it subverts governments around the world, engages in high-tech terrorism and kills its own citizens

A de-colonial, revolutionary shift in power from the 1% to the people is the only way Dr. King’s ‘radical revolution of values’ can be realized in a national and global context in which the West has demonstrated that it will use all of its military means to maintain its hegemony

On a number of occasions Martin Luther King Jr condemned the violence, warmongering and colonialism of the U.S. But Obama’s position is that, historically, U.S. military actions have provided global security.

Syria is just the latest in a long line of international crimes perpetrated by Western powers. But what makes the crimes in Syria, as those in Libya, even more offensive, is the cynical use of human rights to advance the diabolical interests of Western imperialism.


An excerpt from a presentation at the United National Anti-War Coalition national conference, 24 March 2012.

Following reports of federal government plans to repossess temporary housing from Katrina victims, the has called for the Obama administration to reverse this decision and provide those affected with substantive directive support.