Li Anshan


The Chinese government is eager to balance the international media coverage of Chinese image and this approach is becoming more and more urgent for Beijing’s strategy of engagement in Africa.


Finger-printing in the visa application process for visitors to the US and UK concerns millions of people. One Chinese academic has decided not to visit the countries in protest at 'this uncivilised measure'.


Through reference to the history of Chinese medical assistance across the African continent, Li Anshan considers the differences in approaches and understandings behind Western and Chinese ‘aid’ and the scope for potential trilateral (West–China–Africa) cooperation.

With reference to four key areas of 'political leadership', 'social stability', 'agricultural production' and 'initiative and aid', Li Anshan discusses China's developmental record and its potential lessons for Africa. Stressing the importance of a country's developing its own path, Li writes that foreign aid should not be permitted to become a permanent source of income or to compromise individual countries' sovereignty. If Africa is to realise its bright future and harness the considerable more