Ama Biney

The project of genuinely decolonizing the university must be part of an inclusive task to transform the wider society of which the academy is an integral part. It is a long term undertaking which surely starts with the audacity to name the elephant in the room: white supremacy.


How far have we come as a species, in terms of our spiritual and intellectual development, if in the 21st century some can question: “Are women human beings?” The reality is that globally, whilst women may have made great strides, patriarchal attitudes prevail in a male-dominated world.

Paul Grover

In the light of the British Prime Minister’s dismissal of reparations, activists must push the debate further and ask what should reparations entail? Fundamental to such a reparations programme must be the fact that we transform the system of capitalism which slavery gave birth to.

Who is a feminist? And what does it mean to identify oneself as such? This poem provides a persuasive perspective for answering these and related questions.

Dan Glazebrook’s volume demonstrates that the infamous imperialism of the past has not disappeared but has instead adopted new strategies to obscure its intentions, such as proxy wars and media-based indoctrination. These tactics must be exposed and imperialist resisted


This special issue is a reflection on conceptualising and constructing a new Africa in 50 years’ time. It is also devoted to the memory of the late Tajudeen Abdul-Raheem who was a Pan-Africanist visionary. Whilst we must ‘dare to invent the future’ as Thomas Sankara heeded us, we must be realistic in assessing the obstacles in the long term plans for Africa’s development

The Africa we shall all celebrate in another 50 years is one where the dreams of the liberation struggle are all realised

The new film on the Mozambican leader, Samora Machel, shows a dynamic figure who rose from nurse, guerrilla fighter, military commander to president of a nation that was assailed by many enemies. He is to be remembered for his achievements and desire for peace, justice, democracy and equality for all Mozambicans

Hankering over the ‘glorious’ past as we confront our present struggles is not really helpful. Rather we should dare to invent the future, as Thomas Sankara challenged us


Josina Mutemba Machel was a revolutionary Mozambican fighter for FRELIMO who like thousands of women fought for independence for her country until she died at the tender age of 25. 7 April marks the day she died – a day celebrated as National Women’s Day in Mozambique. It occasions a celebration of her exemplary short life