Etyopian Simbiro


The controversial re-arrest of Unity for Democracy and Justice Party (UDJP) opposition chair Birtukan Midheksa exposes the efforts of Meles Zenawi's government to crush its political opponents, writes Etyopian Simbiro. As Ethiopia's 2010 elections draw ever closer, Midheksa's role as 'the darling of the pro-democracy movement' has seen further damage inflicted on the position of the government. While it remains to be seen whether Midheksa's inspirational experience can translate into more


Looking back on the historical and political significance of the Ethiopian flag, Etyopian Simbiro considers the role and use of the 'tri-colour' in developments in the country. The flag has proven a double-edged sword in its ability to both divide and unify, Simbiro contends, but should ultimately prove the inspiration for a new Ethiopia based on tolerance, trust and respect for the rule of law.


Etyopian Simbiro discusses Ethiopia's political situation and argues that Prime Minister Meles Zenawi's resignation is long overdue. Although Zenawi seems to be holding onto power endlessly, Simbiro perceives certain cracks in the framework of power. Firstly, Simbiro argues that Obama’s Africa policy has changed significantly from that of the previous administration, meaning that the governments of Africa are going to have to be more democratic before receiving aid and entering into an open more


Bad leadership has plagued the Ethiopian people throughout the country’s history, Etyopian Simbiro tells Pambazuka News, and today the once oppressed rebels that overthrew a brutal military junta have become oppressors themselves, stifling human rights and dashing hopes for a better future. In order to return power to the people and avoid the installation of yet another dictatorship, democratic federalism, Simbiro argues, is the way forward.