Alemayehu G. Mariam

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Ethiopia is going into elections in less than two weeks. A US senior official caused a storm when she recently described the country as a “young democracy”. It is a stunning hypocrisy that America continues to support one of the vilest dictatorships in Africa.

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Karuturi has nothing to show for his “investment”, except a humongous debt. Where are the tens of thousands of hectares of oil palm, sugar cane, rice, edible oils and maize and cotton he promised? Where are the 60,000 workers? They exist only in the warped imaginations of the corrupt state fat cats in Addis Ababa.

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The World Bank proclaims its mission is to strive to end extreme poverty at the global level and promote shared prosperity. But a leaked report reveals a conspiracy of silence to cover up crimes against humanity committed against the Anuak people in Ethiopia with the complicity of the World Bank itself.


When an African president accused of multiple crimes against humanity walks out of court by orchestrating an unprecedented and audacious obstruction of justice, it is not just a flagrant denial of justice to the thousands of victims. It is an outrage against all humanity. It is an affront to the rule of law. It is the triumph of injustice.


When the police are perceived by citizens of colour as the police, jury and executioner, it is time to pull off the Constitution and demand accountability. A peace officer can never bring peace by a trigger-happy use of the implements of war.

With the connivance of the ‘international community’ and a phalanx of aid people, successive Ethiopian regimes have succeeded to hide the reality of famine facing millions of its people every year. The regimes have also prevented critical interrogation of the political dimensions of these recurrent food crises.


Ethiopia will hold national elections next year. It is certain that the US-backed TPLF regime will rig the poll and proclaim a landslide victory. A look at the present repressive political climate shows clearly that there is not a chance for a free and fair election


The guest list of African ‘leaders’ and ‘partners’ attending the summit in Washington this week includes some of the 21st century’s worst criminals against humanity, killers, torturers, con men and scammers in designer suits and sunshades. The meeting will change nothing about Africa

Extraordinary rendition violates every rule in the human rights book. The process invariably involves forceful abduction, detained incommunicado for an extended period, interrogation and torture


Increasingly labeled hopeless, Africa’s future is often open to debate. Whilst there are those that doom the continent to a dire future citing corrupt leaders and deeply embedded poverty, the more optimistic types peg their hope on Africa’s youth to spearhead change on the continent.