Bishop Rubin Phillip


For genuine partnership to be be built between local government and South African shackdwellers' movement Abahlali base Mojondolo, it must be on the basis of respect for all people, writes Bishop Rubin Phillip.

‘We celebrate the victory that the shack-dwellers movement, Abahlali baseMjondolo, has won in court today where ALL of the "Kennedy 12" have finally been acquitted of ALL charges against them,’ Bishop Rubin Phillip has said in a statement issued on 18 July. ‘Abahlali's victory today is a victory for all who speak the truth; it is a victory that should give courage to the poor of eThekweni, of South Africa, and the world who organise and mobilise together, and who speak and act for themselves.’

Bishop Rubin Phillip testifies to the brutality of the local Sydenham police in attacking Abahlali baseMjondolo members in his and other church leaders' presence. Phillip suggests three main courses of action for how to proceed: 1) the wide publicising of the attack; 2) conveying concerns to political leaders; and 3) donations made to relief funds, such as that administered by the Anglican Diocese of Natal.