MP Khwezi ka Ceza

‘Racial quotas are hateful’. So says Sunday Times columnist Stephen Mulholland. I don’t agree. It is an undeniable truth that race and political affiliation rank above ability in the current dispensation. However, Mulholland cunningly equates Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) and Affirmative Action with Nazism and apartheid. It is devoid of any facts. Woolworths is driving a programme adhering to the country’s labour legislations. It is geared towards addressing the inherent socio-economic more


It's no wonder South Africa's poorest are angry, MP Khwezi ka Ceza writes in this week’s issue of Pambazuka News – despite earlier efforts to present its struggle against its predecessors as pro-poor, the post-Polokwane administration is beginning to reveal its neoliberal stripes. As an ‘emerging democracy with a painful legacy of deliberate underdevelopment, South Africa cannot rely on the private sector to lift people out of poverty, ka Ceza says. Arguing that left to their own devices, more