Amira Kheir

‘View from Somewhere’, the new album from singer/songwriter Amira Kheir is now available through her . Originally from Sudan but having lived in Italy for many years and now residing in the UK, Amira 'draws from her own multicultural background to create music that explores themes of home, belonging and transcendental spirituality.' If you are lucky enough to be in London this weekend, catch her performance at the Green Note in Camden on Sunday 15 May.

'Fire in the Soul – 100 Poems for Human Rights', writes Amira Kheir, is a great set of poetic works, but one whose 'human rights' framing 'does a disservice to the beautiful poems encapsulated in this collection'.

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The development challenges African countries face stem from their use of an inappropriate governance structure, the nation-state, writes Amira Kheir. The nation-state is an inherited system that does not match the continent’s needs and potential, says Kheir, arguing instead for a state that functions as an administrative centre for legislation and organisation but that remains free from ‘fictitious affiliations’ to a larger identity.