Samar Al-Bulushi


Samar Al-Bulushi is interviewed by Jaisal Noor on the recent Westgate mall terrorist attack by Al-Shabaab. Al-Bulushi argues that it is not widely known that the Kenyan government has arisen as a prominent partner of the US government in its war on terror

The White House

In a letter to Hollywood actor George Clooney regarding his activism on Sudan, Samar Al-Bulushi raises a number of concerns around the motives, accountability and politics behind the Satellite Sentinel Project.

US Army

The recent US bill aimed at achieving peace in Uganda by militarily eliminating the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) is rigorously critiqued by Samar Al-Bulushi. It is a bill, she argues, that will serve to prop up Uganda’s government. Al-Bulushi highlights the questionable origins of the bill: It is a response to the calls of a few US organisations – who coincidently emerged at the same time as AFRICOM – for peace in Uganda rather than the Ugandan people, who advocate non-violent paths to more