Johanna Jansson

Gabon presents fertile ground for Chinese investment in extractive industries, though the development of this relationship is a lengthy process and is much diversified across Gabon and the economy’s main sectors of interest to China, writes Johanna Jansson. Jansson suggests the observer of yet another African economy to come within range of China’s investment radar should take note of the diversity also present within the ranks of Chinese corporate actors, whose level of responsible conduct more

Johanna Jansson looks at the implications of Chinese market-driven engagement for the DRC, with a focus on investment in Katanga’s mining sector. Contrary to popular perception, says Jansson, there are no direct links between Chinese government-led engagement with the DRC and the market-seeking activities of private Chinese entrepreneurs in the country. If Chinese investments are to have a positive impact on development in the area, says Jansson, adherence to regulatory frameworks has to be more