Motsoko Pheko


The whole point of the freedom struggle was the repossession of land by African people from the hands of Europeans who had grabbed it. But the ruling ANC will never resolve land question in South Africa. Its “Freedom Charter” long renounced the land question in 1955. Its “willing seller and willing buyer” policy is an unmitigated disaster.


More than twenty years after the end of formal apartheid, several African nationalists who resisted the inhuman system are still languishing in prison. Yet many apartheid agents who committed atrocious crimes against the African people were pardoned, some without even expressing any remorse. This is unacceptable. The ANC Government must release all political prisoners now.


A founding member of the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania, a writer and liberation icon, Lauretta was an unstoppable patriot. She wanted to see her people liberated from poverty, ignorance and land dispossession. Her life in exile and her persecution by the apartheid colonialist regime testify to this fact. Rest in power!


University students in South Africa who recently boycotted classes just before they were due to write their examinations for this year must be congratulated and encouraged. They have brought to the surface a subject which like equitable distribution of land and resources has not been treated with the seriousness it deserves.


Other scientists have proved their scientific theories beyond reasonable doubt. Evolutionists must do likewise. They speak of happenings of millions of years ago. But they fail to show convincingly how scientifically they have reached their conclusions.


There is nothing that President Obama told Africans that they did not already know. Crucially, America is a major pillar of world capitalism that is entirely responsible for Africa’s numerous problems. But while Obama sermonised the continent, he conveniently forgot to call to question the predatory global power system.

Heroes are immortal. They seem more powerful in their spirit than in their mortal life. Their spirits become the fountain of inspiration to conquer the forces of evil, oppression and human destruction. Nana has joined heroes in the spirit world.


South Africa’s ruling party has recently celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Freedom Charter. That document, conceived by white colonialists, legitimised the white robbery of African land. Liberation icon Mangaliso Robert Sobukwe was spot-on when he described it as “a colossal fraud ever perpetrated upon the oppressed, exploited and degraded people.” That is the Charter's legacy.


The message from the dark deed of Charleston, at which nine African American people were shot while worshipping God, demonstrates that the myth of “white supremacy”, which is equivalent to Adolf Hitler’s Aryan claims, has become more eccentric and dangerous.


Former US President George W Bush and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair destroyed entire countries in their military adventurism. Yet they are free men enjoying their retirement without any fear of international justice. The ICC must have the substance and manifestation of justice and fairness.