Motsoko Pheko

Major General Nkonyeni was a true Pan Africanist and a hero of the South African liberation struggle in the fearless tradition of the freedom fighters. His exploits will remain an inspiration for future generations

The African Union (AU) deserves applause for standing up to the European Union and choosing Mugabe as First Vice-Chairman of its executive. The AU has greater challenges to face in the context of recolonisation and imperialist domination to control Africa’s resources


Does the African Union confuse the term ‘African Renaissance’ with Pan-Africanism? These terms cannot mean the same thing when the ‘European Renaissance’ brought slavery, colonialism and racism to Africa

The measure of a man is not how he died, but how he lived his life. Not what he gained, but what he gave. The greatest thing in life is to live for a purpose


Mandela’s greatest contribution is that he tried his best to secure a prosperous and happy future for everyone in South Africa, but the greed of the architects of apartheid backed by the West betrayed him. The victims of apartheid in the end gave far more to “reconciliation” than the perpetrators


Repossession of land was at the heart of the African struggle for freedom from European colonialism. It is sad that to this day many Africans in ‘independent’ nations still have no access to the most essential resource for human survival

Zimbabwe is being attacked because it is tired of flag independence and seeks to control its own riches. Africa must defend Zimbabwe

Is the United States of America and its NATO Allies replacing the United Nations? Is this alliance now the supreme world body in international affairs? Is the United Nations going the disastrous end of its predecessor the League of Nations? Should the civilised nations of the world allow the nefarious schemes of these self-appointed police of the world to destroy the world again through disguised colonialism, racism and new imperialism? And enslave other nations especially in the developing more

It is nearly 20 years since South Africa called itself ‘New South Africa’. But the outcome of Mr. Mandela’s negotiations and his ANC colleagues reveals that they were superficial and tainted with appeasement. Racial oppression has morphed seamlessly into oppression based on economic circumstance


The time is ripe to consider the formation of a just and inclusive African regional union of Azania, Swaziland, Lesotho and Botswana respecting the equality of all partners and people, with no “big brother” colonial mentality