Motsoko Pheko


How is it that 50 years on, the OAU/AU has failed in the main objective for which it was founded? Because the United States of Africa cannot be brought about by leaders who are not Pan-Africanists

The greatest enemy against achievement is negativity. And victory isn’t cheap; it’s accomplished through sweat, tears and braving betrayal from within

The spiritual transition of Cde Gqobose to his Creator and to the ancestors is not to be mourned, but to be celebrated with gratitude to God who lent Gqobs to this family and to South Africa and indeed, to humanity as whole

‘The lasting and befitting honour that the Lions and the Lionesses of Africa can bestow on Chinua Achebe is to write their own history’

Comrade Keke never compromised his politics. He was never a summer soldier. He was never a political turncoat. He has died with his vows for genuine liberation of Azania unbroken

The graves are full of great men who never became great because they did not give themselves responsibility. Joseph Mkwanazi, affectionately called ‘Kwani’ by many who know how he has lived his life, gave himself responsibility


The ‘New South Africa’ or ‘Rainbow Nation’ is today a country of two nations: one is the extremely rich white settler minority and the other is the extremely poor African indigenous majority. All this thanks to a land law passed a hundred years ago.


'To restore Afrikan power, Africans must reassert themselves. We have riches of all kinds. We must control our raw materials. We must acquire technology to process these raw materials in Africa and export them as finished goods. We must break free from exploitative relationships with the West'.


The challenge of Africa Liberation Day 2O12 is for this generation to reflect on their commitment to the vision of Pan-Africanist pioneers who worked so hard to bring Africans to where they are today.


A message of solidarity to the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania ‘Indaba’ by Motsoko Pheko, former PAC president at Orlando, Johannesburg, 6 April 2012.