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Land is crucial to resolving South Africa's wealth gap. Here are 12 practical steps that could lead to a solution.

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The colonial ‘empty land’ theory has no historical credence. It stirs very deep emotions in the hearts of African people who were dispossessed of their land at gunpoint and are still dispossessed – hence rampant poverty among them, whether they be Zulu Africans or Khoi Africans.

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As the ANC celebrates its 100th anniversary, has it remained true to its founding principles? Did a section of the party sell out the dispossessed with the Freedom Charter in 1955?

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Africa does not need an American military base on its soil. Would Americans welcome such a foreign base in their land? Motsoko Pheko urges African countries to resist this imperialist move, which is intended to facilitate plunder of their resources.

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Imperialism is alive and well, and the Libyan invasion by Western forces is the latest example, writes Motsoko Pheko. Only a united Africa protecting and defending the interests of her own people collectively can defeat imperialists.


As South Africa prepares to celebrate Freedom Day on 27 April, Motsoko Pheko warns that the negotiated settlement that ended apartheid 16 years ago failed to take into consideration ‘the primary objectives for which the liberation struggle was fought’. The country’s constitution may be the best in the world, but isn’t it time it was amended on the fundamental issues that affect the majority poor, Pheko asks.