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A new report provides details from the ground as the investor faces the Iowa Ethics Commission.

Complaint filed with Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board against Bruce Rastetter over the Tanzania land grab.

Land Grabs in Africa: Economic Growth or Re-colonization?


The most controversial and potentially devastating part of the deal was the forceful removal of 162,000 people thriving on the land.

The report argues that the recent crisis has been a catalyst for important policy reforms, but governments have yet to address its underlying causes. The international community is avoiding deeper structural reforms.


The Oakland Institute takes a closer look at South Sudan’s largest land deal to date – the granting of a 49-year lease of 600,000 hectares of land to US-based firm Nile Trading and Development Inc (NTD) by the shadowy Mukaya Payam Cooperative in March 2008. For a sum equivalent to around US$25,000, NTD has full rights to exploit all natural resources in the leased land during this period.

Oxfam America’s endorsement of biotechnology sets a very dangerous precedent of being used by the industry in their struggle to force the adoption of GM crops in spite of strong global resistance. The shocking endorsement of transgenic crops in the face of diverse and voluminous literature countering their stance, threatens to damage Oxfam’s relationship with longtime allies and its reputation as an independent organisation.