Nancy Muigei

Today -when we hoisted the flag I knew it was done;
Today -when we sung the freedom song;
And raised our banners high;
I knew Uhuru was now!
As my soul rests tonight,
My thoughts run in sight,
I think of the blood they shed;
The years they lost;
I look at you;
And look at me;
My soul needs rest,
Rest from the whirlwind
Rest from the noises
And Rest from the unrests
I am old they say; more

I should not speak nor shout;

I’m a woman

I should not talk nor ask;

I’m a woman

I should obey and not question;

I’m a woman

I should accept the little wage my master pays;

I’m a woman

I should not speak about the molestation and abuses;

I’m a woman

I should suffer the oppression and humiliation of culture;

I’m a woman

I shouldn’t own land,

I’m a woman

And so are the tears and woes;



The tribe less; colorless; cries



The silent cries of the innocent,
Abandoned in the dark,
Stabbed in the night,
Shot by the wayside,
By masked men in ‘plain clothes’

We not know their names
We know their masters
Actions of intimidation
The voiceless cry!

Seekers of truth strangled
Maimed in daylight…

We have seen them,
We know them
But in little whispers we talk of them;

Intimidated by the lack of;
Crucified for the act of; more