Elyas Mulu Kiros

Tired of a stale diet of propaganda churned out by state radio, many Ethiopians rely on foreign broadcasters to follow events in their own country. Now the BBC has announced plans to broadcast in Ethiopian languages. This is welcome. But Ethiopians must continue the struggle to have their own independent and vibrant media.

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Nelson Mandela was welcomed to Ethiopia with open arms during his time in exile. He was given a handgun, a gift that meant a great deal to him and which may have been the ANC military wing Umkhonto we Sizwe's first weapon. Now Ethiopians and other Africans are being murdered by the liberated South Africans.


There was little mention of Africa in the recent foreign policy debate between the US presidential candidates. That suggests whoever is elected will just recycle the same old policies on Africa.

It is a new year
Ethiopian New Year
I smell flower
Yellow flower
Ethio flavour

And there, I see her
My sweet, my lover
Red is her colour
She is far but near

She melts my heart
Like chocolate
Dark brown sweet

She is my summer
My red flower
And now am falling
My heart is warming
My soul is dancing
So don’t come winter
To change the colour
Of my red flower

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A personal account of the complexity of identity and the challenges of living with the differing assumptions and perceptions of others.


Muslims have always enjoyed religious freedom like other believers – until recently. Now they are fighting to reclaim their rights.


Politics, ethnicity and religion have always been interwoven in Ethiopia, which is why Haile Selassie never wanted to reveal the full identity of his mother.

Sea of nostalgic generation
River of Facebook nation
In and out migration
Limited freedom of expression
No room for innovation,
But for incarceration,
Parroting, or imitation ...
Strong interest in destruction,
Not in building a lasting foundation
Almost impossible to tolerate difference
And to still be friends
Lack of political moderation
Torpedoes in silent ocean

Radicals left and right
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An Ethiopian musician has just released an upbeat song and a tribute to Emperor Menelik II of Ethiopia, the first African leader who defeated the Italian colonial forces at the battle of Adwa in 1896.

‘Mona’ is a work of fiction, based on the based on stories of Ethiopian women who have been to the Middle East as domestic workers.