ETC Group

As global attention switches to the next climate talks in Cancun, Mexico, ETC Group releases that lifts the lid on the emerging global grab on plants, lands, ecosystems, and traditional cultures.


The ETC Group, an international civil society organisation dedicated to the conservation and sustainable advancement of cultural and ecological diversity, hails a decision by the 193-member UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) to agree to a moratorium on geoengineering.

Under the guise of developing ‘climate-ready’ crops, the world’s largest seed and agrochemical corporations are filing hundreds of sweeping, multi-genome patents in a bid to control the world’s plant biomass, according to a report released by ETC Group.


Twenty-five years ago the idea that would become the Rural Advancement Foundation International (and then, in 2001, ETC Group) began with a conversation about seeds. A quarter of a century later, ETC Group is still talking about seeds, but the world has grown more complex: new technologies have developed; economies have globalised; multinational companies have expanded their reach; and wealth and capital are concentrated in the hands of fewer and fewer giant corporations. Life itself has more

As a huge cloud-whitening experiment goes public, with funding from the Gates Foundation, a global coalition of civil society groups and individuals is urging an immediate halt to geoengineering, at the first UN talks on the issue in 30 years, which are taking place in Nairobi from 10–21 May.