Alice Gatebuke


It is 20 years since the genocide. The former rebels who ‘liberated’ the country now preside over Rwanda. But everywhere one sees evidence that the freedom they sought as rebels remains out of reach for the general population. An equal and just Rwanda is needed

The government of Paul Kagame continues to relentlessly support, arm and command rebel groups such as the M23, which commit war crimes and human rights violations in Congo


The 1994 Rwandan genocide was a tragedy that the rest of the world overlooked, writes Alice Gatebuke, and sixteen years later the international community is still turning a blind eye to Rwanda. Recent human rights abuses – the maltreatment of a presidential candidate and the suspension of rights of an American lawyer – and Rwanda’s actions in neighbouring Congo have not been condemned by the international community. Gatebuke, a genocide survivor, argues that present-day violations of more